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30 day challenge update: stretching!

I like to set myself different challenges every 30 days. In October 2013, I tried to eat better and exercise more. I did alright on that, but without a specific daily goal, I had a hard time deciding how well I did. I mostly got back into the habit of exercising daily, so that was helpful. For November 2013, I tried to do a “no work November.” I had enough vacation days built up that I was hitting the upper limit for work, so I took a bunch of vacation in November. My in-laws visited one week, then it was a family member’s birthday, so we took some time off at a resort in Arizona. Then it was back home for a week before spending the week before Thanksgiving in Kentucky with my family. I learned a few things in my month off: – I still enjoy reading tech and Google news for fun. It’s amazing (or problematic?) how much time you can spend just surfing the web each day and reading what other people are writing. – My initial goal was to not read work email at all, but I had to give up on that. There were a few urgent things I genuinely had to weigh in on. I eventually settled for reading work email but trying really hard not to reply unless it was an emergency. I probably ended up writing 20-30 replies over the month, along with passing on spam reports that people emailed to me. – I realized that I’d gotten in the bad habit of giving friends my work email address, as well as forwarding my personal email address to my work email. Takeaway: keep your work email separate from your personal email. Seems like common sense, but after almost 14 years at Google, things had gotten tangled together. – A couple good pieces of advice that I failed to heed: 1) remove your work account from your phone, so you can’t check work email or docs on your phone. 2) if you have an “email tab” that you keep pinned on your browser, unpin and close that tab. I didn’t take either of those steps, but I should have. – I didn’t feel the need to start any big projects, or write any Android apps, or blog a lot. I have a newer Linux computer that has configuration issues; I didn’t tackle that. Mostly I enjoyed reading a few books. – I’m incredibly proud of the whole webspam team at Google. Things ran like clockwork while I was gone. I’m really grateful to the phenomenal people that fight spam for Google’s users every day. Which brings us to December 2013. Back in September, I threw my back out. I can still move around fine, but it sometimes hurts if I bend in various ways. So my goal for December 2013 is to do 15-20 minutes of stretching–things like cat and camel –each day to help my back recuperate. How about you? Are you doing any 30 day challenges ?

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30 day challenge: being thankful and going offline

It’s been a while since I reported on any 30 day challenges , so it’s time for an update. 30 days of Being Thankful I knew that January, February, and March would be crazy, including a bunch of stuff at work, traveling, plus several conferences. So I told myself it was okay to do only one 30 day challenge, and it was a pretty easy one. I decided to be thankful for one thing each day. I kept a list, so here are 30 things I’ve been thankful for recently: – thankful for my wife, plus the fact that she’s a good cook. – thankful for my family. No one’s crazy and we all love each other. – thankful that I can afford to take time off with my wife this week for our 11 year anniversary – thankful that my wife is funny and we laugh together – thankful that an Android phone can be a powerful personal computer, and that Google Docs lets you edit a doc from Android . – thankful for This Week in Google (TWiG) because they provide free techie podcasts that I listen to while I work out – thankful for my cats, but especially for the furry orange one who likes to perch on me and sleep next to me. – today I’m thankful for the other cat, the gray striped-y one who sometimes lounges on my legs and keeps me warm – thankful for caffeine, which is helping me to work down my email backlog. – thankful for my health. Glad to be over my whooping cough. – thankful for an aisle seat on a plane, that the plane that landed on time, and fortuitously running into Googlers in the airport to share a cab with. But also thankful for beautiful snow in Washington D.C. that didn’t derail my travel plans. – thankful for thoughtful discussions of how Google works and how to make it better – thankful to be heading home from D.C. – thankful for smart, effective, hard-working colleagues – thankful for my bike – thankful for exercise and my health. And for a long bath after an eight mile hike. – thankful that my Aliph Jawbone Icon can be updated to A2DP, so I can listen to music on my Bluetooth earpiece with my Android phone – thankful for sleep, but mainly because I haven’t gotten enough of it. – thankful for the chance to vent with some smart people. – thankful for good copy editing – thankful for Data Liberation and my lockpick set . – thankful for daffodils – thankful for an empty locker room. It sounds silly, but it’s more fun to get dressed in an empty locker room than a crowded one. – thankful that my best friend back in Kentucky keeps sending me cool stuff he’s writing for me to read – thankful for Linux and Chrome: two great things that keep me productive and safe on the internet – thankful to WIRED magazine for writing about topics I want to read about – thankful for colleagues who come together to work on important things – thankful to Kara Swisher for introducing me to Val Emmich’s song called “ Get On With It ,” which is great to work out to – thankful for Daylight Savings Time so I can start biking into work again – thankful to have had a fortunate life so far: I feel like I get to make a difference and be rewarded for it I was looking back over the list and I realized that some of the things I’m thankful for are high-tech, but most aren’t. Which leads me to my next 30 day challenge… 30 days with no electricity I think sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of technology and the online world. We forget that there’s an entire world offline–a world of books, and visiting with people, and being active instead of sitting in a chair. So my next 30 day challenge, I’m going to turn off my internet connection and reconnect with the offline world. I’m turning off my cell phone and won’t answer any email. Instead, I’m going to visit with friends in person, catch up with family, and generally try to use as little technology as possible. I’m even trying to minimize the electricity I’m using. For the next 30 days, I’m going to camp out in my backyard. This will be my home for the next 30 days: I’ll still take showers indoors, since that doesn’t need electricity, but otherwise I’ll be getting up with the sun and going to bed when it gets dark. This will be a really difficult challenge, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m heading offline after I publish this blog post, but I’ll let you know what I learned in 30 days!

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Drawing customers to your site is normally the most difficult facet of online marketing, however it is essential in order to make a huge, receptive list. What do you think is the number one method used by the “super affiliates”? They message the lists they have made whenever they find a product they want to market. So, where do you start? You need the clients initially and a strategically placed opt-in form. Below are some of the best ways to start an on-going steam of traffic.

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Bringing customers to your webpage is normally the toughest part of online marketing, however it’s necessary in order to build a big, approachable list. What do you think the “affiliate experts” do to make their huge profits? They blast the lists they have made whenever they discover a product they are inclined to market. So, where do you start? You need the visitors first and a enticing opt-in box. Here are a few of the best ways to get an on-going steam of traffic.

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Promoting other people’s merchandise on the internet is referred to as affiliate marketing. It’s a fantastic method to make money in the online world. There are only two reasons to start: 1.) You’re looking to make an online living or 2.) you just want to make some spare cash on the side. Whatever the reason, it’s simple and fun. All that is required to begin is a site, some spare time, and a full understanding of the job.

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Affiliate products are not hard to discover with the world wide web. To develop into aa seller of any particular item just visit their URL and submit an application. As soon as it is approved, they’ll supply you with your own personal code. The only aspect you ought to do registration and acceptance is submit your affiliate link inside your site or article that you’re planning on sending your customers.

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Selling other peoples merchandise is simple. The common term to refer to this is internet marketing. Affiliate marketing is the easiest ways to earn cash. All you need to begin is a website and some extra time. As an affiliate marketer, you’re being a an agent that brings people to the products.