How To Pick The Right Website Name For A Law Firm

Choosing a URL for your firm is a crucial undertaking. Sometimes, lawyers do not contemplate all of the variables that ought to be included in choosing. Below, I have addressed a couple of details to contemplate while you are considering the domain name to use for your firm website or blog.

Perform Research on Keyword Phrases – When you first begin thinking about the website name you prefer to work with, look at four or five different keywords that best summarize your law practice. What sort of words or phrases would individuals perform a search for while looking for your legal services online? Once you have those it is easy to group them together or add more terms to generate a website name. For instance if you are establishing a website for your Illinois personal injury law practice. You could use terms like Illinois injury, Illinois car accident, etc. as seed terms and then play around until you discover a good, available match. Considering that virtually every common search phrase is going to be taken, you might affix terms such as info or group on the end of the domain name for increased availability. Feel free to use hyphens too.

Select a Domain Name Potential Clients Can Remember – You should consider utilising a domain that individuals can recall easily. Something such as will likely be considerably more tricky to remember than This is especially essential if you’re advertising the domain name offline where potential clients will have to go back later to type the name into their web browser. It is also best if you utilize .”.com” whenever feasible since most individuals are not especially technically savvy and won’t be knowledgeable there are more url extensions to choose from.

Go With A Short Url – A shorter url is a lot easier to recollect and simpler to type-in. It should fit better onto business cards and will be much easier to use as an email address.

Definitely Don’t Make People Guess The Topic Of The Website – Your law firm’s domain will need to specify what it is that you do. On it’s most basic level, your domain name should express your site is about legal services or the law. More specifically it might specify the geographic area or practice topics you cover. At the minimum, no one should need to guess what business you’re in.

Search For Available Domains With Useful Resources Such as Domize – Domize is a search engine for domain names. You are able to type website name ideas into the search field and Domize will show you the availability as you type the name. This is usually a faster approach as compared with utilizing a registrar such as to find available domains.

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