Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Free SEO Tools for Attorneys:

For those of you who have attended my seminars, this will look very familiar to you.  People always ask me about ways they can help themselves, so here is a list of free tools I provide in my seminars, both CLE & non-CLE.  Feel free to use these as you wish, or contact me if you have questions on how they work. (Idearc) (ATT) (Terrific Directory for Google Rankings) (Google’s own directory, also good for Rankings) (Yahoo Directory, $300/yr but worth it)

You should also be in Google Local & Yahoo Local Directories

  • – You can emulate what your finished sites will look like in any of the major browsers.
  • CopyScape – Can look & see if the content on your website is pirated from another site – Or see if someone else has stolen text from your site.
  • New tools coming out every day