Monthly Archives: November 2010

What would you do if you were CEO of Google?

Every so often I like to play a game I call “CEO of Google.” The idea of the game is that through some combination of weird circumstances, you are now the CEO of Google. Don’t worry about how you became CEO–maybe you won a contest to be CEO for a day. I’d like to know: what products would you launch? What ideas would you fund? I’m specifically interested in Big Ideas . Things like data liberation or self-driving cars . Or what’s the one huge feature missing from a Google product? In essence, what are the big products, features, or ideas that you would like to see Google work on? I’m specifically interested in ideas that would improve the world, the web, or Google itself. What would you like to see Google do in 2011 or beyond?

Adsense Is For Everyone

When Google’s Adsense appeared, there were a great deal of people who doubted Google’s concept would be marketable and actually create any profits. Yet as we stand here today it is probably the most nicely known pay per click on venture in the world.

Make Extra Money From Home

Do you want to earn extra income with out spending a dime? Yes, this is possible if you have the proper connections and appropriate sites to join. First, you have to evaluate your skills. What are you good at? Are you great in composing? Or graphic designing? Or maybe you are able to kind 300 words per minute. After you have determined your skills, you are now ready to use these skills to make cash online.

Seven Ways To How To Get Rich Quick Using Money Making Schemes To Extra Income – Ways To Earn Extra Income

My mind is usually clicking away thinking of new cash generating company suggestions that I can implement proper away. You’ll be amazed at how many suggestions you are able to really come up with if you write down all the little things that bother you throughout the course of a day and come up with a creative solutions to solve them.